History of "Captain Trojan"

One of the most recognizable figures over the years at PHS basketball games has been "Captain Trojan". Two of the most well known "Captains" were Greg "Bubba" Hickman and Stephen Hunter. Hickman was the original "Captain" which started in the 1980's. Hickman wore red and blue tights with a mask and cape. He would come to center court and spell "T R O J A N" and the crowd joined in. Then he would irritate the opposing team by sliding into their huddle. He would quite often get kicked but it didn't deter him from his goal of revving up the spirit of the crowd. Hickman probably didn't realize at the time that what he created would continue on for many years, although at times Captain Trojan had lost some of its luster. Stephen Hunter brought back the style and antics that Hickman created. He would dress in full Trojan regalia, and the crowd responded with charged enthusiasm. Unfortunately, Stephen met an untimely and unexpected death, but the legacy of what he and Hickman embodied lives on today.